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Egyptian AIDS Society   

 E.A.S is a none Governmental Organization “NGO” (None Profit) was established and proclaimed on June, 29th 1992 in the Department of social affair  in Alexandria under the number 1071  as the first society on the national level working in this field in Egypt, where a group of specialists and parties concerned who believe in confronting this disease added a new site on the map of voluntary work. The Society  adopts assuring social voluntary sense, emphasizing social support, and supporting the necessary behavior to prevent the spreading of this disease. It also enables us to achieve positive changes in the behaviors affecting public health using all accessible ways of media and education in accordance with our culture and religious teachings, which directly partake in the confrontation of the disease and achieve public partnership. It also gains support from other voluntary national and governmental, as well as international organizations.

The organization granted the Special Consultative Status  by the Economical and Social Council of the UN, ECOSOC in 2000

[EAS] Representation in National and International Organizations:

*Member of the Arab Network for NGO’s

*Member of the International AIDS Society (IAS)

* Representative of the UN office,  New York , Vienna , Geneva.

The Vision

The Egyptian AIDS Society supports national and international efforts to stop newly AIDS infections  in Egypt

The Mission

The Egyptian AIDS Society aims to reduce the load results from HIV/AIDS infection and care for its patients, to enable the community and individuals to protect themselves from HIV infection, to reduce the suffering of people living with HIV through raising awareness about issues related to HIV/AIDS and to encourage adequate and proper dealing with HIV related issues from the media. The EAS is participating in efforts of eliminating stigma and discrimination from PLWHAs. The society also works on creating a positive environment that capable of providing high quality health, social and psychological services for PLWHAs and their families, and providing technical support and consultancy for other national, regional and international partners working in the HIV/AIDS field. Our Partners:

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About the displayed video:

Produced by the W H O (World Health Organization) on the occasion of the 2008 World Aids Day Commemoration and it gathered six female activists in the field of HIV/AIDS in the east Mediterranean region, one of which was Mrs. Sawsan El-Sheikh, president of the EAS

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Sawsan EL-Sheikh

Association President

Mobile: +20100 – 400 4805

Mobile: +20122 – 368 4517

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Email :

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