Fields Of Activity

Information and lectures

Publishing scientific information about the disease, ways of its transmission and ways of protection using variety of means which suits different levels of the society specially youth .

International Forums

The society is linked by partnerships with many international organizations like: Ford Foundation – UNICEF – WHO – Global Fund.

Supporting PLWHA

The Society Helps and supports PLWHA through periodic meetings in collaboration with National AIDS Program and Alexandria Fevers hospital

Awareness :

Spreading scientific information about the epidemic, its means of transmission, and its preventative methods using various approaches which best suit the variety of societal sectors, especially adolescents within and outside schools.

Training :

The organization has a training center on its premises, which involves a council of experts, and a set of educative curricula, to provide HIV/AIDS related training to the various staff members of medical, educational, and mass-media related fields, as well as youthful cadres and executive and voluntary leaderships.

Mass Media :

The organization undertakes extending bridges of cooperation with the network of read, visual and audio media, which contribute to the formation of public opinion and provides the public with the information they need. Therefore, the organization cooperates with the bodies of the General Media and the media staff, in order to increase awareness, eliminate stigma and discrimination, and create a positive public opinion towards the HIV/AIDS issue.

Supporting PLWHA:

The organization provides supporting activities to support PLWHA through holding periodic meetings in cooperation with Fevers Hospital, Alexandria, along with being involved in a range of mass-media activities to raise awareness and to help integrate PLWHA in social life.


Providing advice to the public by phone on 0123684517
Providing advice to the public through individual interviews at the organization
Providing advice through telephone and interviews with PLWHA and their families

Research and Studies:

The organization holds a keen motivation to be involved in research and studies conducted by national and international organizations as well as researchers in academic and educational institutions.


In order to develop and enrich its achievements, the organization organizes and participates in national and international conferences in various countries to develop and modernize its work programs and to continue with its international connections.

Medical Services:

Organization of 86 medical convoys offering Reproductive Health Services and awareness of related issues in the following governorates: Alexandria, El-Menia, Asiyut, and Sohag.