General Objectives

  • IAIDSncreasing awareness among youth and other sectors of the society of HIV/AIDS and its preventative methods.
  • Developing and training technical and professional personnel in the medical, social, educational, and mass media fields for HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Providing counseling, as well as social, psychological, and financial support, to PLWHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) and their families, and qualifying them for social adaptation.
  • Eliminating all forms of discrimination and stigma against PLWHA and supporting their human rights.
  • Advocacy and influencing policy-makers and senior leaderships so that they may develop policies and programs to care for and support PLWHA, and provide them with proper medicines and remedies.
  • Marketing for the services of the National AIDS Prevention Program (NAPP) of the Ministry of Health.
  • Performing researches and studies related to STI and HIV/AIDS.
  • Networking and establishing cooperation with concerned national and international, governmental and non-governmental, organizations.
  • Activating mass media messages in newspapers, radio and TV to raise public awareness by publishing information and reports about HIV/AIDS and its side effects on the society.
  • Organizing national conferences and participating in national, regional, and international conferences.