Our Message

  • 2867801106_844a5c604d_oThe organization is active in the fields related to attaining efficient prevention of HIV/AIDS, including awareness campaigns and training youth and their leaderships, as well as those who work in the medical field and mass media executives, journalism, radio and TV. The organization is also active in the fields of providing social and economical support to PLWHA and their families, and qualifying them socially and psychologically to adapt to the society.
  • The organization carries out research and studies related to STI and HIV/AIDS. It also organizes and participates in conferences on both national and international levels.
  • The organization adopts the missionary work methodology towards the target communities, leaders of opinion and ideology, as well as policy and decision makers, in order to provide PLWHA with care and medication, obtain active social support, and empower behaviors which best achieve HIV/AIDS prevention using all available methods, such as mass media, education, and personal, as well as public, communication.
  • The organization collaborates with more than 150 governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations, in achieving its goals and objectives. It has been capable of forming association with such organizations in order to coordinate and implement common activities. Collaboration continues with various ministries; e.g. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, private and public schools and institutes, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Mass Media, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Solidarity, …etc.
  • The organization has also been able to collaborate with several international organizations such as the Ford Foundation, UNICEF, W.H.O, IPPF, UNAIDS, UNDP, and the World Bank.