Projects planned and executed in cooperation between the EAS and the UNICEF

A project for raising the awareness of women frequenting the Family Control Centers and in sites frequented by masses of people on the reproductive health, STIs, AIDS, and girls circumcision. It was implemented in collaboration with the Family Services Improvement Project.

A media campaign project in youth programs on Alexandria TV (Channel 5). The aim was to raise youth’s awareness on reproductive health, STIs and AIDS. It was implemented in collaboration with the organizations that are concerned with youth.


Youth-To-Youth Project. Its aim was to raise the awareness on AIDS, and it was implemented in collaboration with the organizations that are concerned with youth.

The Egyptian AIDS society is an NGO founded in Alexandria in 1992 under licence no.1071, with the main objective of preventing HIV/AIDS and supporting HIV/AIDS persons. It has undertaken tremendous efforts in increasing community awareness about AIDS cooperation with different NGOs and different media sectors, to orient people to the modes of transmission of HIV and methods of prevention during the period from 1992-1994.
A study of the impact of these activities on youth revealed the need for :
1- Change of community attitude towards AIDS patients.
2- Stress on the importance of maintaining safe behavior and changing unhealthy ones.

Target population:
Youth population aged 12-26 in Alexandria. These will be around 3,000 youth. Yet because of the media campaign associated with the activities included in this project. It is assumed that impact will be much more extensive .

Period of implementation:
Six months: july- December 1995

-increase awareness of youth of HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
-change attitude towards AIDS patients.
Training, orientation, competition, establishment of information centers for HIV/AIDS
1- Formation of a ten members committee from the following sectors:
Media, social clubs, NGOs, education, youth university, religious, leaders, Egyptian AIDS society and a political leader. The role of this committee is to plan and evaluate the different activities. They are meeting once/ month.
2- Train trainers: 6 training sessions for youth leaders. Each will involve 20 trainees.
3- 36 orientation days for youth, each involving approximately 50 youth of different sex.
4- Implementation of competition program among youth to develop posters, wall magazines and a drama. The competition will be held in each of the six districts of Alexandria
5- Provision of AIDS information in each district
6- Monitoring and evaluation.


A project for raising the awareness of women and youth in unplanned areas on the reproductive health/girl circumcision/STIs/AIDS, while providing reproductive-health related services to families in the governorates of Alexandria, Menya, Assiut, and Souhag. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Family Services Improvement Project.

A project in partnership with the Health Ministry, Mothers & Children Care, and the program of breast feeding, sound nutrition and iodine deficiency diseases.

A project for raising the awareness among youth on AIDS and youth problems in tourist cities. The project was implemented in collaboration with the organizations that are concerned with youth and the mass media.

Whispers-To-Youth Project. It was dedicated to the problems of youth, and it was implemented in collaboration with UNICEF and Channel 5.


World AIDS Day Commemoration Project, UNICEF (Alexandria – Hurghada)

On the occasion of celebrating the world AIDS day in Egypt and all over the world in December, the Egyptian AIDS society , out of its keenness since its establishment, tries to make the best use of such as universities, schools, social clubs, rehabilitation centers, on the methods of the transmission and protection against, such a disease.

For this end, the society ha planned a project involving a group of different activities to arouse awareness and mobilize the efforts of civil and governmental organizations and the media so that they may cooperate in such activities to enhance the participation in the world AIDS day from the youth, leading figures in society, and the mass media by involving them in the planning and execution of different activities.

Project aims:
-to help limit the spread of the disease by arousing awareness among the youth, leading figures, and officials on the methods of transmission, and protection against, AIDS.
-to ensure the participation of governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations to incorporate their awareness programs on AIDS during the celebrations oh the world AIDS day
-to employ the media programs in television, radio and the press to broadcast their messages on AIDS.

 Project activities:

holding three (3) workshops for media men from different mass media, such as television, radio, press, etc. during which the program executive plans are laid down. Such programs tackle AIDS during the world AIDS days, in particular and all year, in general. The duration of the round shall be three days as follows:
holding a two-day workshop for 30 media men from television, including without limitation, announcers and script writers of different programs that are directed towards women, young men, adolescents, leading figures in society, individuals, etc. during such programs a plan shall be laid down to get the message of AIDS known via television by incorporating these messages into different programs all over the year, a thing that helps arouse awareness of the disease and the ways of protection.
Holding a two-day workshop for 30 media men from the radio, including without limitation, announcers, directors, and script writers in different programs. The aim is to lay down a plan of incorporating the information on the disease in to the programs aired by the radio during the world AIDS day, in particular and all over the year, in general with the aim of arousing awareness of AIDS and helping protect the individuals of the society.
Holding a two-day workshop for journalists from different publishing houses to activate the role played by the press in dissemination the correct information and facts on AISD, a things that helps get the true media message to the readers.
Holding a one-day meeting with 30 coordinators of youth activities in Alexandria in different civil and governmental locations. During such a meeting there will be a discussion of the activities that shall be implemented during the world AIDS day, in particular and all over the year in general.

Awareness activities:

First: symposiums:
Holding 10 symposiums in youth locations. Each symposium shall include 100 youth and it shall be designed to cerate awareness among them on AIDS and the ways of protection against the disease.

Second: media message:
Broadcasting meetings and interviews conducted with youth specialists and leading figures on AIDS via the radio, press and television.
10 awareness messages via television
10 awareness messages via radio
10 awareness messages via press.

Competition activities:
Holding artistic competitions for youth in the field of plastic arts, theatrical drama, poetry, popular poems, etc. with the aim of activating the awareness of AIDS and to ensure the participation of youth by expressing their feeling and the available information. In this way, exhibitions shall be organized to show the works of art and to give prizes for the distinguished ones. 50 prizes are planned to be awarded to 50 youth.


Hand in Hand against AIDS